Dad Said It’s Important to Secure Your Financial Future

Written by Mark Hoppus

My dad told me early on that the only way to not struggle in life is to start saving young and learn the stock market. Initially, I spent my time partying and living the good life instead. Dad sat me down one day and showed me just how little future money I would have thanks to my ignoring my finances. This is what got through to me and shook me up a bit. He said that he would show me how to use a stock pair trade finder so that I would have a leg up with trading. I wondered if I was smart enough to understand how it all works.

I was never good in math in school. I also had trouble with focusing and being easily distracted. Partying and simply hanging out with my friends did not take a lot of brain work, and not only that, it was a lot of fun. Dad seemed to have more faith in my abilities that I did, and I wondered which one of us was right.

Dad had me spend a few days time with him while he explained the ins and outs of trading. This was all new to me. I diligently sat and listened to all that he had to say, and I did my best to try to keep up by recording all that he was teaching me in a notebook. It took a couple of days, but the things he was training me on finally started to come together in my mind.

It was only after dad could see that I was finally picking up on his teachings that he opened up his trading software and showed me how he did his first trade. He seemed to have no fear at all, and he said that once I was more comfortable, I would find it pretty easy to do, too.

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