Find the best chartity

Written by oraisoopoopo

At any given time, there are many organizations looking for your donation, and right now there are even more than usual. With so many groups looking for your donation, not only is generosity required but also a willingness to do the research to find the best charity to donate to. You can make your donation in as little as two minutes, and because we are crowdfunded, we are very appreciative of every donation, whatever the size.

We try to fill the gap in our social services system, so that when people apply for help with us, it’s to avoid calamity rather than wait until they’re completely destitute. The American system functions much better to help people who have already slid into poverty, rather than giving people assistance to prevent crisis. We try to get their first, working to be preventative of poverty whenever we can.

You can contact us through our website at:

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